Image result for violent women”Disclaimer. We are not suggesting all women are as depicted in this article, just the majority”

The problem within the public sphere.

The vast majority of women under the age of 45 have been, or are, mentally ill in some form or another. Sadly, this is not just some humorous comment or throwaway joke. This is a massive problem in Western society and one that for some reason has not just a total media blackout but a total blackout in all respects. Nobody is addressing it and almost no one is talking about it.
Most women are currently suffering or will suffer some form of mental illness during their lifetime. Official statistics from the charity MIND put the figure at 25% that will suffer in some way each year, however this is clearly not accurate.
Sexual phobias
Undue Stress
Panic attacks
Suicidal thoughts
Eating disorders
Pathological lying
Violent outbursts
Drug addiction
Most women are afflicted with one or more of these disorders today. While sad for them, their partners are the unsung heroes. Boyfriends and husbands all over the West have the thankless task of trying to prop up their mentally ill partners with little to no recognition or help. More often than not a woman with these afflictions will show no sign of wanting to get better; while the man fights daily to help his partner recover, she herself will be indifferent to the burden it places on the man and just wallow in self-pity.
Even if society admitted the true scale of the problem the man will never be recognised as a joint victim and no state assistance will be offered.
Things have gone too far. Modern society has placed a burden on women that they have never had to face throughout history. To make matters worse, this Burden they toil under has been dressed up as freedom and independence thereby giving a completely false understanding of their own predicament. Their burden in turn becomes their partner’s burden.
To add insult to enquiry if you will, not only do these mentally ill women burden their partners and Western society as a whole with their condition, but most exhibit other undesirable traits.
They lie, cheat and steal on a regular basis. Many physically attack their partners at some point in their relationships. In fact men are now more likely to be a victim of domestic violence than women. They are ungrateful and feel entitled to gifts and other freebies they acquire within their relationships. Most can’t cook or clean and anything up to 50% either don’t mind if they don’t find a partner to have children with or firmly don’t want them at all.
Many keep in contact with ex-boyfriends and have a number of male friends lined up as back-up boyfriends in case their relationship with their current boyfriend hits a rough patch. These back-up boyfriends they are in regularly in contact with them and embolden them psychologically to a point where they will just walk away from a relationship rather than try and fix it, always being reassured by the back-up boyfriend that whatever has happen is not their fault and that the back-up boyfriend would never treat them the way the current boyfriend is treating them. Statistics show that most of the time the back-up boyfriend is known to the current partner.
Women are now more likely to develop alcohol problems than men.
Women are far more likely than men to practise deviant sexual behaviour including threesomes or same sex promiscuous activities, at least at some point of their life.
Women almost exclusively are at the forefront of promoting LGBT ‘rights’ and advancing and encouraging children to change gender.
The problem within Nationalism
Over the years within nationalism we have all heard the call that we need to make nationalism more female friendly; to attract greater numbers of women to somehow balance the current ratio of perhaps 20 men to 1 woman in most countries and organisations.
The idea is, if we soften the image, soften the message, cover more female friendly issues then we can attract more women. This in turn will make nationalism look better in the eyes of the wider society and electorate.
Not only has this method failed but it was totally misguided when done outside of the electoral sphere. Women are grossly underrepresented in all political parties save for perhaps the feminist ones. The ruling political parties who do manage to recruit women always without exception elevate these women way past their capabilities. They elevate them to give the appearance of balance, to create a better aesthetic for the media and in turn the electorate. Great effort is taken to engineer this. In non-electoral nationalism the main, and perhaps only, benefit of women members is in recruiting more male members
ORDER15 however is not an electoral party so not only do we not have to pander to female voters but we don’t have to pander to women at all, thus removing any difficulties in presenting white Sharia law.

Based in Sweden ORDER15 has first-hand experience of what a heavily female influenced establishment looks like and it’s not pretty. Every section of society here is rotten and infected with cultural Marxism. Feminism in Sweden is mainstream and rules at least one of the leading parties. This has emboldened and enabled women to not only speak their mind, but also to well and truly implement their ideas into society and law – the results of which have been devastating.
Women have no concept of “race,” as it is too abstract for them. What they have is a concept of getting impregnated by the dominant male. A woman is hardwired to breed with whoever she perceives as dominant in the society, as she wishes to give birth to dominant children. That is simple mainstream accepted evolutionary biology.
In a natural society, aka the remote past, all women wanted to procreate with the dominant warlord or tribal chief. Because that would produce for them dominant, warlord children, who would protect them, feed them, house them and clothe them when they were too old and unattractive to have a male protect them for sexual reasons.
This is the Biological instinct of women – to produce with the most dominant male – that instinct does NOT RECOGNISE RACE. And we now have a society that has elevated the (minority) man to the status of dominant male. As society degenerates further, this desire only increases
This is not complicated and it is not controversial.
A woman will think consciously and subconsciously ahead past her sexual prime and to the time of the possibility she will have no man either because he has died or left for another younger woman. Then it will be her sons that protect and take care of her and her sons are biologically hardwired to protect their mothers. These sons of course should come from the best desired stock possible to fullfil the desired trait.
The female sex drive is primitive and obsolete. Having been sexually liberated, they are leading our race to oblivion by choosing sexual partners based on problems which existed 10,000 years ago.
If your psychology is fundamentally hardwired to believe you need sons to protect you from invading barbarian tribes and Sabre-tooth tigers, sons capable of keeping you warm in an ice age, sons capable of hunting mega-fauna to feed you with, who are you going to want to get pregnant by?

                                                                            This guy


                                                                   Or this guy 

There is no necessity in the current year to have sons who are murderous psychopaths who chop people’s heads off and kill large animals for dinner. Instead, better sons, more capable of protecting their mothers, would be sons who are highly intelligent, regardless of stature, physicality or aggression. However, fewer and fewer western women are recognising this, and thus you have the issue of the female sexual fixation with non-Western men. We are not suggesting that women have some specific interest in non-Western men, what we are saying is that they do not consider race as a factor in mating, and will thus pick the males who they view as most dominant. Modern culture in the West has promoted the idea that white men are weak and non-white men are dominant, so the rising tendency among white women is to prefer non-white men. In different parts of the white world, this is happening at different rates, but it is rising across the West, and it is a very, very serious problem (in Norway, a study found that white girls in high school refuse to date white boys completely – that is where it is all eventually going if we don’t start waking up).
Sweden is a glaring example, it’s so well understood even people outside of the political sphere in Sweden understand this new phenomena. If you don’t fully except what’s being said here then go ask a Swede of either sex, ask them. The Swedish women reject the Swedish man as being non-manly, too metro sexual and increasingly the Swedish man rejects the Swedish woman for being too manly and unable and or unwilling to fullfil the simple tasks his mother performed, for example cooking, cleaning and properly taking care of the children.
Their disloyalty and increasing desire to mate outside of our race is only one side of the female question.
Their political influence is devastating. A man thinks rationally and a woman thinks emotionally. The Establishment knows this and the established media understands this. And they harness this female flaw to work against the best interests of society.
A good example of this is the Death of Alan Kurdi aka the dead Syrian baby washed up on the beach. The image of which made it to every single Western national newspaper. This paved the way for the acceptance of the wave after wave after wave of migrants from the Middle East. Anyone that uses social media will testify at the time that it was awash with women everywhere mourning this dead baby and demanding something be done to make sure it didn’t happen again, which of course the government then took as a green light to make it easier for the migrants to arrive. Even going so far as to taxi them across the Mediterranean sea thus insuring a speedy and safe arrival to their new home in Europe.
This single act of manipulation has cost us dearly and highlighted a major weakness in our society -namely allowing women to have political influence. Or any influence outside the home for that matter. Many have argued it is man’s weakness for allowing women to vote in the first place which is to blame. Unfortunately there is no third untainted sex to go to for salvation thus it falls to man to take back control of his nations destiny and free it from emotional thinking.
Often nationalist women will protest that the majority of men are equally as degenerate and uninterested in the survival of Western civilisation as the majority of women. However ask yourself how many female nationalists do you know? Although as previously mentioned in this article women are woefully absent in all political parties, when it comes to nationalist parties the absence of women is striking, so shockingly outrageous is the disproportionate ratio of men to women that it’s a dark irremovable stain the entire sex will likely carry all the way to extinction and rightly so. Nationalism is not geared towards women because simply there are no women involved, it’s not up to men to make it more appealing to women. It is they that should change if they were involved it would naturally change to accommodate them.

The solution
The white Sharia law that is being proposed will not be one that pertains to the Muslim god Allah; in fact it doesn’t necessarily need to be religious at all, but rather more focused on the governing aspect of its laws notably the ones that pertains to the control of women.
It might not actually be that hard; OK it will be hard but not as hard as it should be. There are half a dozen or so interviews in the press with western women who have converted to Islam and site being controlled by their man was part of the draw. Often these women have lived wild lives before they met their Muslim partner. Sex with many partners, drug use and many degenerate forms of behaviour the modern woman engages in all too often. Islam actually brought about peace in these women’s lives they finally knew their place and had a purpose and a roll to full fill. Take care of the home and the family. Not roaming the streets looking for the next fix and or sexual partner.
The proposal
To formulate, advocate and to practise white Sharia law especially in the area of subjection towards women. Just because we adopted the term white Sharia law it does not mean we will adopt all the practise of Islamic Sharia law, i.e. cutting hands off thieves, female circumcision or the stoning of female adulators etc. Of course white Sharia law isn’t going to work on a mass scale but nothing ORDER15 does or advocates doing is on or intended to be on a mass scale. As members we can tinker with subjection towards our own partners and see how far we can go with that, and advocate to the wider nationalist community to do the same. We can be the pioneers if you will. Those without partners can also contribute by taking a firmer more even hand with women they meet in their everyday lives. One must never act in an illegal manner, but we must all start to adapted our grandfathers foresight an understanding of the female psyche, correcting them as often as possible and dominating them in all capacities conversation and decision making to name but a few. In many cases being patronising will be called for to reduce their misguided confidence. It’s important to remember that fundamentally the majority of women need saving from themselves, so on those rare occasions you may doubt your crusade, remember it’s no selfish act. Women have developed a ‘can’t do wrong’ mentality which has been backed up by popular culture and the state. They are often the aggressor or dominate partner in the relationship, getting into public disputes or even fights convinced of their misguided opinions are fact. The main stream media is filled with daily reports of women engaging in the most appalling crimes against men, Often the reader will not notice the steady climb in these crimes but once made aware the next time you pick up a copy of a national paper you will start to grasp the extent of the problem. This must be dealt with in our communities so that men can once again rule their families with logic and reason, for the good of all.
The subjugation of women is only one side of the white Sharia law being proposed; men must also be bound also by a new set of laws. For further reading and understanding of this issue click here and scroll down to the excellent laws chapter.
If you have been effected by the mental health of a partner and inspired by this article you might consider joining ORDER15 and help us promote and develop the concept of white Sharia law. The hour is late we encourage you to come forward.