What Sets us apart from just about every other Nationalist org is our recognition that its probably too late to save most of the west as it is geographically defined today Many western countries have past the tipping point already and whether one likes it or not that bitter fact has to be conceded.
Of course miracles can happen but we think that we have reached the stage where we have to plan in the event that mass immigration and degeneracy will continue at its current or  accelerated pace until western ideals and indeed the western man himself fade into history. We don’t accept the masses are asleep,  Mainstream nationalism is relying on the idea that eventually the majority will wake up and realise they are being scammed out of existence and join our ranks and overturn the damage done since the end of WW2 despite all the evidence to the contrary. While any effort in a nationalist direction is a Nobel effort indeed. We believe that a urgent alternative program must be initiated in the likely event of failure. Set out on this website is our attempt to wade through the possibilities.


1* ORDER15 advocates for and promotes for autonomous   non-electoral, non-confrontational National socialist Fraternities  to operate primarily in the best interests of its members, western culture and western ideals. Our primary focus is on ourselves and our fellow members; whereas, the wider western society comes a distant second.

2* ORDER15 recognizes the need for, and encourages the restoration of, spirituality in our members, as well as western man as a whole;  be it Christianity, Odinism, or a yet unseen future ethno-European Religion.

3* ORDER15 aims to promote and teach self-reliance centered around Agrarian society ideals.

4* ORDER15 encourages procreation within the ethno-European communities and the research and investment in a future Ectogenesis & Eugenics program.

5* ORDER15 actively advocates classic European high culture and esthetics within our movement.

6* ORDER15 fosters and encourages a genuine blood-like bond between fraternity members.

7* ORDER15 highlights the damaging effect that the modern female lifestyle and mindset has on the family unit and seeks how best to rectify it within the movement and society as a whole.

8* ORDER15 seeks to create an internal fraternity currency and encourages barter between Fraternity members

9* ORDER15 seeks to establish a foothold in the penal system, thus giving hope and redemption to those serving time

10* ORDER15 promotes the realization that the majority of western states are lost and that focus should be shifted to saving regions rather than whole countries.

11* ODER15 advocates preparation for a major collapse, financial or otherwise, and to learning and sharing survival skills within the fraternity for such an outcome.

12* ODER15 seeks to investigate future tech that can be used for the betterment of our ideals and predict future trends in the possible outcome that there is no collapse, in order that we can adapt as a fraternity and operate successfully on behalf of our members in a post Ethno-European majority Western society.

13* ORDER15 seeks to establish training centers focusing on future technology,  farming, religious studies, athletics, the sciences, and fine arts.

14* ORDER15 is constantly trying to improve ourselves as ethno-Europeans and fraternity members by setting an example to the wider western society.

15* ORDER15 seeks to encourage the movement of our members within practical, real world distances of one another with ideal examples being micro, rural communes, or more simply, living within bicycle distance of other members.


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